Hello! My name is Audrey Dimarucot. I am a wife, mother, entrepreneur, Lego® Serious Play® facilitator, and a well-being advocate. Not necessarily in that order. 

I started Create Our Stories to spark conversations among people who share a common past, a current struggle, or who just genuinely want to experience an honest connection with another human being.
Why Lego® Serious Play®? 

I learned about Lego® Serious Play® in 2018 and took the chance to become a certified facilitator when the founders held a workshop in Manila. 

Lego® Serious Play® is a powerful framework that allows for creative thinking and communication. Originally built by Lego® as a corporate tool, I have began using it to facilitate communication between individuals, teams, and families. 

Using Lego® bricks, people build 3-dimensional models of their ideas and tell stories about their models. This taps into a person's creativity, thinking in metaphors, and being comfortable with telling stories.
Who is it for? 

Because of the current unique scenario brought about by COVID-19, I can only work with individuals or 2 people at most.  Sessions will be facilitated via online communication tools like Zoom and the participants must provide their own Lego® sets.

If you are ready to strike up a conversation, explore possibilities, and start telling stories with Lego® Serious Play®, please reach out to me at hello@createourstories.com.
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